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How to buy a cheap plane ticket? We always want to travel but many times the prices of the tickets cut us off, but this happens because we need to know all the tricks that there are to get the best prices to fly, and Mary’s Travels is here to help you know all the tricks to get the dream ticket.

Are you ready?? (Snare drums)… Come on! Get ready because you can fly for much less than you think.

I have almost always bought my tickets well in advance, for example: two years ago I bought a Lima – Madrid ticket for only $ 700, a super good price considering that it normally costs (1100 to 1500). The offer came out in September and I bought it to travel in May of the following year. The idea is that if there is an unmissable price, buy it and don’t wait any longer. Once you have bought the ticket there is no going back and with the months you can organize yourself little by little, you even have time to collect money and choose the best places to sleep and save.

If you have not yet separated your vacations in your work or you can manage them according to your comforts, take advantage! It is not advisable to choose high seasons to travel, that is: August, Christmas, New Year and Easter.

And I don’t mean to go to the best known places, sometimes new places can surprise us, all countries have beautiful places to visit.

Also, keep in mind that you can reach the destination you want by other routes, for example: it is not necessary to travel directly to Rio de Janeiro because it is a very popular tourist destination and therefore very expensive, instead Sao Paulo

You can also have the possibility to visit those cities and then go by bus to Rio de Janeiro. That always helps reduce costs.

Many of my trips have had very long layovers in other cities, which makes the price of the ticket drop considerably. And well, one will say, “but how exhausting are the scales”, but do not see everything negatively, take advantage of those scales and go out to know that destination.

For example: I have had as a stopover in Guatemala, where I went to have lunch and visit the capital and they don’t know how in love I was and I even promised to return one day.

It is advisable to know which airlines travel to the destination you want to go and the different stopovers. Here I recommend the page (that knows everything) Optifly.com and start the search.

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