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Lastly, and for the same reasons, we would also recommend waiting until at least March to venture to the far north of Scotland or the Orkney and Shetland Islands, with a few exceptions: if you want to go hunting for the Northern Lights or if you want to participate in the Viking festival Up Helly Aa, in Lerwick.

Many travelers assume that the summer months are a safe bet when traveling to Scotland. In fact, late spring is usually a more pleasant time, as July and August are much rainier.

And, except for a few days (and wonderful), do not expect summer temperatures, shorts or being able to put your feet in the water, no matter how paradisiacal the beaches seem.

Although the biggest drawback to visiting Scotland in summer is that July and August are the peak tourist months (the Highland Games and many other festivals are held), and you will not only find more people on the roads and in the places of interest, but that you will pay more for accommodation.

The most scandalous example occurs in the capital: the Edinburgh Festival, in August, is a great occasion to visit the city if you want to soak up shows and street art, but the prices of hotels multiply and places sell out quickly .

If you’re on a tight budget, May, June and September are the best months to stretch the pounds to the max.

Even so, and as we mentioned, July and August concentrate an influx of travelers and festivals as typical as the Highland Games, so you will also immerse yourself in a lively atmosphere wherever you go.

After all, Scotland is not a country given to mass tourism (beyond a few specific places), and you will always find corners where you can enjoy the calm.

Another advantage, especially if your intention is to make a route by car through Scotland, is that the days are very long, with light until 9:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. in latitudes like Inverness, so you can make the most of them and cover more zones.

And one last incentive to visit the country in summer: the heather that covers the landscapes in purple!

We have tried to provide some reasons for you to choose the best time to travel to Scotland in your case, but we still have one last advice, the most important: do not take them at face value and, if your dream is to visit the country, do it when you can.

After living there for a long time and traveling around the country often, we have enjoyed incredible days in the middle of winter and endless weeks of rain and cold in the middle of summer, spring days that start gray and windy and end up being splendid …

As the Scots say: if you don’t like the weather, wait 10 minutes! And Scotland will make you fall in love when you visit it.

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